Michael Davies Bsc

C# - Web Developer

About Me

A highly passionate Web Developer who specializes in designing websites and building web applications. My knowledge, skills and interest in technology have developed through two IT apprenticeships after which I progressed to University to explore a broader range of technologies. This included Web Development, Animation, Video Editing, Phone App Development and image editing. After University, I worked as an IT and Data assistant which included a diverse range of jobs from designing emails for e-marketing campaigns and managing content for multiple Magento based websites, to building PCs and installing operating systems. Currently I am a freelance web developer with an interest in working for a company who shares my passion for web development.

My strongest skills are in HTML, CSS, C# with Knowledge of ASP.NET and MVC. I am also working towards developing my JavaScript skills.

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Problem Solver

I enjoy working through problems and finding solutions that work. In the past, I have troubleshooted PCs, programs and helped find bugs in web applications for my previous job.

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I have had previous experience in a wide range of working environments, including Medway Council, Marks and Spencer, Costa and the Direct Response Marketing Group. This has given me experience in communication and teamwork in many different situations.

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In my previous job, I have worked to organize images, emails and resources so they can be easily accessed and modified by anyone in my department. I always keep my work organized, structured and backed up which helps improve the quality of my work.

Revision Assistant

The aim of this application is to allow users to study and learn any subject they want by creating their own questions for testing themselves. They can create a question by inputting four options, including a correct answer. These options are then randomized every time the question is opened to make users think about which option to choose.

This project was created using Visual Studio, C# and the MVC framework. A SQL database is used to store the questions. Validation was implemented to prevent large questions and answers being created. I also used Ajax to display instant results for answering questions.

Future improvements and features include,

  • Revision Cards
  • Categories
  • Timers
  • Score Point System
  • Progress Tracker
  • Personalized User Accounts
  • Move Question Order

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Spending Calculator

The aim of this application is to create a calculator to help with saving money. First, it calculates tax from the users inputted yearly salary and displays the total amount left over. Then a user can select month, week or day to see how much spending cash they would have over that period. Finally, the user can input any outgoing expenses which helps to calculate exactly how much money they will have left to save.

This project was created using Visual Studio, C# and ASP.NET Web Forms. A formula was written to calculate UK tax. Web Forms were used to create a clear easy to use interface.

Future improvements and features include,

  • Improved User Interface
  • Instructions on how to use
  • Convert to MVC Project + Implement Models

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Spending Calculater

Employee Management System

The aim of this application was to create a user interface for displaying an employee database.

This project was created using Visual Studio, C#, MVC, and an SQL Database. Images were converted into byte data so they can be stored within the database. Images were also displayed by reading the database byte data and converting it back to a gif format.

Future improvements and features include,

  • User Account Authorization
  • Improved Form Validation
  • Improve loading time

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Contact Details

Email: meddavies@gmail.com
Mobile: 07715 259118